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Designing ESP systems with AutographPC™

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AutographPC illustrates how changing wellbore conditions impact the ESP in real and accelerated time. The course first introduces the AutographPC software and its capability. The participant then uses the software to design various elements of the ESP system using real-world data. Activities provided ensure that a range of typical conditions and situations are covered, with activity feedback providing the basis for additional learning.

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Starting from $1,800.00 per Person

This course will be delivered virtually by a Baker Hughes instructor. Registered attendees will be given access to e-training material required to attend the sessions.

Topics include:
•Software operation and interpretation of results
•Selection of tapered (gas-handling) pumps
•Use of dynamic simulator and sensitivity analysis options

Features and Benefits
Learn to:
• Create optimized electrical submersible pump (ESP) lifting solutions using Baker Hughes AutographPC™ software
• Complete a well model profile exercise using AutographPC
• Demonstrate design solutions success using the Dynamic Simulator with AutographPC
• Validate surface controller operations and reduce power consumption with AutographPC
This course is designed for Personnel involved with the design of ESP systems who have attended ESP Technology and Operation or have previous ESP experience.
• Production managers
• Production supervisors
• Field operators
• Petroleum engineers
• Production engineers
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