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Principles of Hydraulic Fracturing

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Hydraulic Fracturing has become a primary method for building productive wells. This course covers the principles of hydraulic fracturing analysis and design. Through lecture combined with practical exercises and fracture modeling, this course presents the fundamental principles of hydraulic fracturing together with fracture job execution and fracture diagnostics and job monitoring. Using the basic theory of fracture geometry and propagation, and elements of fracture design, the attendees will understand hydraulic fracturing design, selection of proppant and fracture fluid, and the decisions made to create a fracture plan and fracture optimization.

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Starting from $2,700.00 per person

This course will be delivered virtually by a Baker Hughes instructor. Registered attendees will be given access to e-training material required to attend the sessions.

Topics include:
•Mechanical rock and fluid loss properties
•Fracturing fluids and materials
•Fracture geometry and Fracture conductivity
•Fracture diagnostics and job monitoring
•Hydraulic fracturing modeling

Features and Benefits
Learn to:
• Create a simple fracture design
• Determine the critical elements of the design
• Make decisions that affect fracture optimization
• Analyze hydraulic fracturing jobs
This course is designed for Personnel involved in hydraulic fracturing design and execution decisions.
• Geologists and Geophysicists
• Reservoir engineers
• Completions engineers
• Production Technologists
• Field Engineers
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