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ESP Technology and Operations

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Through discussion, demonstrations, and models, participants learn the technology, operating parameters, and operational issues of ESP systems. The course begins with a detailed discussion of ESP system components, highlighting each component’s function and expected operational performance. The course then focuses on ESP operating parameters, limitations, and factors such as well conditions that affect ESP lifespan, providing guidance on how to get peak performance and enhanced production from ESP systems.

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Starting from $2,700.00 per Person

This course will be delivered virtually by a Baker Hughes instructor. Registered attendees will be given access to e-training material required to attend the sessions.

Topics include:
•ESP components
•Operating ranges and system limitations
•Equipment selection strategies
•Well environments and ESP operations
•Maximizing equipment life
•Minimizing workover costs

Features and Benefits
Learn to:
• Identify when the choice of an electrical submersible pump (ESP) is beneficial
• Discuss the conditions for most favorable ESP performance
• Describe the equipment and sub components of the ESP and operational functionality
• Discuss ESP operations and reaction from changes to well inflow parameter changes
This Course is designed for Personnel who support the purchase, design, operation, or installation of ESP systems.
• Production engineers
• Petroleum engineers
• Field production supervisors
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