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Mechanical Intervention

Magnetic Sweep Tool 1
Part #AS90360
Lead time:8-12 weeks

Addressable Downhole Switch & Panel
Part #ADSP001
Lead time:8-12 weeks

The ADS is a downhole safety switch offering reliable protection during hazardous ballistic operations. The ADS satisfies API RP67 for tractor-conveyed explosives.

Downhole Electric Cutting Tool
Part #DECT

The Downhole Electric Cutting Tool (DECT) from Baker Hughes safely severs pipe without using dangerous chemicals or explosives leaving a machine-shop-quality finish. The DECT meets industry demands for reliable, high-precision cutting operations. The depth of penetration can be accurately controlled... Show More

Addressable Downhole Release
Part #ADR

The new Addressable Downhole Release (ADR) cased-hole release tool suite from Baker Hughes is a digitally controlled and remotely operated device that can be separated into two pieces on command. It enables the controlled release of a toolstring downhole and leaves a clean fishing neck for the safe ... Show More

Mechanical Pipe Cutter
Part #MPC

The Mechanical Pipe Cutter™ (MPC™) solution from Baker Hughes reduces logistical and environmental constraints of stuck pipe or pipe recovery operations. It provides precise downhole pipe cutting electromechanically, without the use of ballistics or hazardous chemicals. The MPC performs clean cuts w... Show More