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Part #PRC069
Lead time:8-12 weeks


Cable Heads
Part #CH

The cable head plays an integral role in wireline deployments by providing mechanical and electrical connections from the wireline cable to the tool string. The built-in weak point holds the weight of the tool string and enables the wireline cable to be released from the cable head should the tool s... Show More

Knuckle joints
Part #PKJ

The Conducting Knuckle Joint is a versatile and durable ball joint that allows for limited movement (±10°) in the X and Y axis, perfect for adding flexibility to your toolstring. With a stainless steel coiled tube and metal seals, this joint provides a reliable monoconductor electrical connection vi... Show More

Part #AS

Decentralizers are used to orient the tool string to the casing wall with high power magnets to hold the tool string to the inside wall of tubing, drill pipe or casing. The Decentralizers cause the tool to decentralize to the lower side of the tubing where the well bore is at a deviated angle.

Part #AAG

Crossovers in Wireline logging are used to interconnect two joints which are mechnically different to enable the transfer of electrical power and telemetry communications in the wireline toolstring for simultaneous data acquisition and power routing.

Part #PRC
Lead time:8-12 weeks

Centralizers are an important part of any logging tool string as they are responsible for supporting and centering the tools. Low friction roller centralizers are designed specifically for this purpose and feature precision-engineered arms and low friction double rollers. These centralizers also hav... Show More

Swivel joints
Part #AS1

Swivel joints are downhole tools that relieve torque on the wireline as it is fed off the drum. The swivel is pressure balanced by means of a piston compensated by an oil bath which also serves to lubricate the bearings. The bearings within the swivel reduce friction and increase efficiency of the s... Show More

Telemetry Tool
Part #XTU

The XTU is an intelligent bridge between the Ultrawire toolbus and Ultralink telemetry system acting as both a communications interface and a programmable logging controller. It also incorporates a DC-DC converter (switch mode power supply) to convert the high voltage on the Ultralink line to power ... Show More

Part #BUL

The Ultrawire™ Bullnose (BUL) and Adapter (ASB) are fitted with a terminator PCB to reduce telemetry pulse overshoot . A terminator (BUL, ASB or Ultrawire™ bottom end tool) MUST be fitted to the bottom of Ultrawire™ toolstrings to prevent excessive noise on the line.

Head Tension Unit & CCL Combined
Part #HTC005
Lead time:8-12 weeks

The Head Tension/Compression Unit (HTU009) detects longitudinal force in the toolstring that may be either tensile or compressive. The HTU009 is run below the Ultrawire controller (HTU/XTU) and measures tension up to 1200kg and compression up to 400kg. When either using coiled tubing or during tract... Show More

Tension Unit 1
Part #HTU009
Lead time:8-12 weeks

Weight Bars
Part #WB

Sinker bars, sometimes referred to as “weight bars” are designed to serve two purposes: add additional weight required to overcome forces created by well pressure and size of cable used; and they are the mass required to deliver impacts when setting or pulling devices in the wellbore.

Casing Collar Locators (CCL)
Part #CCL
Lead time:8-12 weeks

Casing Collar locators respond to changes in metal volumes allowing users to correlate positioning within the well. This is often used to calibrate or reference a certain wellbore features. 

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