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Coiled Tubing Software

Utilize superior coiled tubing software for superior results. CIRCA™ coiled tubing software helps you simulate, model, plan, and carry out coiled tubing operations. It offers superior model accuracy built on more than three decades of field-guided refinement. The CIRCA software suite gives you a distinct advantage when conducting any coiled tubing job.

CIRCA Real-Time Monitoring Software
Part #10509417

CIRCA™ REAL-TIME (RT) modeling software uses field data to update operational parameters in coiled tubing applications, dramatically enhancing safety, improving efficiency, and increasing certainty of success. CIRCA simulation software is used to design coiled tubing jobs and define operational and ... Show More

Prices From $8,500.00
Prices From $8,500.00
CIRCA™ Coiled-Tubing Modeling Software
Part #10509415

Using data specific to your application, the CIRCA™ proprietary coiled-tubing modeling software accurately simulates coiled tubing operations. The advanced computational capabilities of the CIRCA software help ensure your job is completed in the safest, most efficient manner possible. Refined during... Show More

Prices From $10,000.00
Prices From $10,000.00
CYCLE™ Fatigue Monitoring System
Part #10509420

CYCLE™ Fatigue Monitoring System provides an on-site assessment of the entire coiled tubing string.  The program is designed to accurately manage and assess the life span of CT strings based on fatigue, ballooning, and corrosion. All of the activity that the coiled tubing has been exposed to is reco... Show More

Prices From $12,000.00
Prices From $12,000.00
JobMaster™ Software
Part #10509443

As a part of Baker Hughes CementMaster advanced cement placement software suite. JobMaster™ software enables data acquisition, job monitoring, and display/data transmission, allowing us to maintain precise control over the job. The system helps align treatment plans with actual job conditions, ensur... Show More

Prices From $6,500.00
Prices From $6,500.00