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Ulti-Max GT

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The Ulti-Max GT is a new Baker Hughes technology. It is a family of gas-tight, externally shouldering surface casing connectors ranging in size from 20-22" OD. Ulti-Max GT is designed to meet pipe capacity with matching connector material grade, proven via industry strandard testing. Single-start premium thread design and available DNV RP0034 materials provide premium fatigue performance.

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The Ulti-Max-GT is a family of gas-tight connectors qualfied to meet rated pipe capacity via proven validation testing. Sizes range from 20-22" OD with the largest connector rated above 10ksi internal pressure rating.

The optimized thread design and metal seal provide premium structural capacity and fatigue performance.

A fully pre-installed, hands-free anti-rotation design removes the need for interaction with on-rig personnel and provides over 100 kip-ft system anti-rotation torque.

Product validation testing and product line extension per ISO 13679, 2002 and API 5C5, 2017. Fatigue validation testing performed per DNV C203.

Features and Benefits
  • High capacity
  • Gas-tight
  • Dual seal
  • Extensive industry standard testing
  • Premium fatigue performance
  • Available DNV RP0034 materials
  • Hands-free anti-rotation for over 100 kip-ft torque resistance
  • Applications
    • High Bending
    • High Internal Pressure
    • High Tensile Strength
    • Fatigue
    • Gas-Tight
    • Land
    • Platform/Jack-up
    • Deep Water
    • Deep Wells
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