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Oilfield Geomechanics

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Geomechanics addresses the interaction between rock strength, pressure, and stress in the earth, along with engineering practice, to improve performance in drilling, production, completions and other areas.

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Starting from $2,800.00 per each

Course Duration: 3 days, 8am - 4pm
• Location: London, in-person
• Dates: June 6 - 8
• Instructor: David Wiprut

Disciplines Targeted

•    Drilling, Completions, and Well Engineering
•    Production and Operations Engineering
•    Engineering and Wellsite Managers
•    Geology, Geophysics, and Geomechanics
•    Petroleum and Reservoir Engineering
•    Research and Development

This course provides a fundamental level of understanding of the principles of in-situ stress and pore pressure, rock mechanics, the measurement and constraint of stress in inclined boreholes, and their application to various oilfield problems.
Through multiple short exercises and longer activities spread across 16 chapters, attendees apply their learning to geomechanical data analysis and problem solving. Real-world case studies provide vivid illustrations of the value and impact of geomechanical modeling.

Topics Include

•    Data and techniques used for building geomechanical models
•    Wellbore stability and fracture pressure
•    Sand production prediction
•    Casing collapse and shear
•    Fracture and fault permeability and stimulation
•    Hydraulic fracturing
•    Production-induced compaction and faulting

Learning Objectives

•    Identify and analyze data for building geomechanical models
•    Learn how geomechanical models are used to solve multiple oilfield problems

Instruction Format

•    We provide digital copies of course materials in PDF format, movies in mpg and mov format, and Excel files for download.
•    Please bring a laptop or tablet capable of running Microsoft Excel and reading PDF files.

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